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I’m just going to vent if that’s cool with you.

Why is it so wrong for me to not want to be alone. I don’t ever want to be alone. Why is it so wrong to want to cuddle 24/7 Or be cute and hug you from behind and want kisses from you at random times. I don’t ever want to feel unloved. Why is it so wrong to want to grab your thigh will we drive or your hand? I just want to feel like we have a connection.
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in this relationship that gives a shit.
I don’t know am I wrong for wanting these things.
You say your an only child and that’s the way you grew up but I know of only children who are completely different.
I’m not saying you are like everyone else and I understand that. I’m flexible and I understand when I’m being too needy but I also want you to understand when you are being stubborn.
Is wrong for me to want to be with you as many hours as I can steal? Is it wrong that I want you to stay over later then 9pm? I want to fall asleep next to you. Is it wrong that I don’t want to be told to leave your house cause it getting late at 10pm? Like I said I’m trying to steal some hours I mean we are only alive for 600,000 hours and I want to be with you for 500,000. Is that wrong?
Is it wrong that some nights I just want to pick you up and just drive some where anywhere? And everytime I get a no and yelled at. I understand you respect your mom but so do I. But sneaking off into the night is not going to get you kicked out.
Is it wrong some days I just want to get up and go. But then you remind me I don’t have a job.
Is It wrong that I don’t have a job at 18? Probably? But doesn’t mean you have to point it out to everyone.
Is it wrong that I’m writing this? No, I’m writing it so that maybe WE can see the bigger picture. And I know it may seem like all of it is about you but we are about to start on ME now.
Is it wrong that I don’t have a job? Yes
Is it wrong that I guilt trip you into hanging out with me? Yes probably but what can I say? I can’t stay away.
Is it wrong that when I get really angry I may call you a mean name? Yes it is and I apologize but ever since you told me I have stopped.
Is it wrong that when I text I use your instead of you’re when I text and try to justify it by saying it’s faster? Yes totally but honest it’s burnt into my brain as it’s faster.
Is it wrong that I get mad when you work sometimes? Yes but hey like you said I don’t have a job I get bored by myself?
Is it wrong that I get jealous about you all the time? Yes but I just can’t help it I don’t want anyone to take you away.
Is it wrong that I think your mother is a cutie? Maybe buttttt she is the future you so I think its okay.
Is it wrong that I make you feel really bad for doing things? Yes and I’m sorry

Is it wrong that i didn’t proof read any of this and if I were to reread it, It probably wouldn’t make since? No that’s not wrong cause I think you get the idea.

Is wrong that I know you’ll get mad at me for wanting and saying these things?
I don’t know that’s for you to decide

This is the first time I’ve ever put anything like this for everyone to see. Hopefully that says something.

So am I wrong?

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